Krassimira Drenska
Krassimira Drenska
Born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Specializes in printmaking and book design.
Art editor in a leading publishing house in Sofia.
Receives a French government grant for advanced studies: Intaglio printmaking under S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris. Further studies at the Basel School of Art and Design.

From 1980 on lives in Basel, Switzerland. As a freelance artist participates in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. From 1985 on is appointed as faculty member at the Basel School of Art and Design within the printmaking–majors program.
1996 Grant of the Department of Education Basel for a stay in the USA at the University of Texas San Antonio. Research in the field of 19th century photography techniques. 1999 Visiting professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design: teaches the classes Artists‘ books and Advanced drawing.

From 2000 on initiates and conducts the Artist’s Book Project in Basel. Since 2004 directs the Forum Künstlerbuch Basel, a free association of book artists.
Curates and participates in 12 exhibitions around the subject Artist‘s Books in 6 European countries.

«I learn by going where I have to go»
Theodore Roethke
Krassimira Drenska
«Fragments», biographical text by K. Drenska, english  >> fragments.pdf